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Mixson & Mixson Construction LLC was launched in 2005 as a family business in Charlotte, NC. with a background in remodeling and restoration. Mixson & Mixson Construction LLC. was contracted as a property management and restoration specialists’ company during the years of 2008-2013.  After servicing NY City in the aftermath cleanup of superstorm Sandy in 2012-2013, Mixson & Mixson Construction LLC acquired several national renovation and restoration contracts.

Mixson & Mixson Construction LLC relocated the home office from Charlotte NC, to Anniston, AL in 2014 in a strategic move to place itself within areas of high demand for building and restoration services,  at the time of the relocation, Mixson & Mixson Construction LLC has provided outstanding and consistent services in three States, NY, NC and SC.

 The company continued its impressive community services, donating over 3,840 hours of labor from 2012-2019. Learn more about our charity program, your contributions are welcome.

With a proud history, a successful present and a bright future, Mixson & Mixson Construction LLC will press on toward becoming the premier builder, and restoration company in our region.

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